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THE VILLAGE WARDEN SERVICE The village warden service was founded in May 2011 by the Remetea local government, in partnership with the Caritas organisation from Alba Iulia. The village warden service takes care of old and sick people living alone, far from the centre of the village, in places such as “Eszenyő”, “Lutfarka”, and other places. When it is necessary, the care worker shovels away snow to leave a path between the gate and the front door, picks-up people’s prescriptions from the pharmacy, clears the drainage ditch in front of the house, brings wood into the house for heating, does the shopping, transports the children from “Eszenyő” to the Csutakfalva school, and delivers meals to sick or old people who cannot walk to the community house and have their meals there.   THE HOME MEDICAL CARE SERVICE The Caritas organisation from Alba Iulia established the first medical centres in 1994 and, soon after, it became evident that this service could not be continued without support from the local authorities. The Remetea local government signed a contract with Caritas in 2001 to provide a home medical care service, and was one of the first villages to launch such an initiative. Since then, the local government contributes to its operation. In the Gheorgheni basin, there are 23 medical care givers taking care of 660 sick people. The greatest demand is for basic care. The care givers wash and care for bedridden patients, give advice, help them to feed themselves, and help out with house cleaning. There is also a loan service for medical appliances and, when necessary, they perform ultrasound scans.   BROTHER CSABA’S CHILDREN The Saint Francis Foundation of Deva [“Szent Ferenc Alapítvány”] started a kindergarten with extended hours of care in Remetea in 2006, in two locations: the Fráter György school in the centre of the village, and the Balás Jenő school in Csutakfalva. On November 16th 2011, “Brother Csaba’s children” moved to a new building, in a private home in Csutakfalva that was bought by the local government and loaned to the Saint Francis Foundation for a period of 49 years. The house was sanctified in honour of Saint Margaret of the Árpád House (“Árpádházi Szent Margit”). The purchase and renovation of the new premises were also funded by István Fehérvári from Veszprém, several companies and various donors from the village, in addition to the local government and the Saint Francis Foundation. During the 2012-2013 school year, two groups of more than 40 children took part in activities offered by the Saint Francis Foundation. Brother Csaba’s children learn, prepare for religious feasts and take part in the village’s cultural life. In summer, they go on summer camps.   THE “KIÚT” PROGRAMME [“WAY OUT PROGRAMME”] The Way Out Programme is a counselling scheme for sick people and their families. There are one-on-one sessions and family discussions, but members from Remetea also take part in reciprocal help programmes – for the moment, in Gheorgheni only. The organizers and the invited specialists give lectures. For the young people, there are interactive prevention groups at the Saint Anna Centre in Remetea, and at the Saint Margaret House, in partnership with the Saint Francis Foundation. The programme is designed by the Caritas Association from Alba Iulia, and is supported by Remetea local government.   THE FAMILY CARE SERVICE Thanks to the goodwill of the Caritas Association from Alba Iulia, and with support from the local government, Remetea has been operating a senior citizen’s group for many years. The group’s members meet every other week at the Saint Anna Centre. The scope of the group’s activities is the development of various skills: maintaining an active lifestyle, using one’s existing resources, and formulating personal projects for the future and, therefore, in the long-run, preventing the development of problems. The family care service organizes group discussions, invites its members to go on an excursion once or twice a year, runs a Senior Citizen’s Day, and organizes balls during the village carnival and on Saint Katharine’s Day for seniors in the village.   THE CRÈCHE AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE The crèche and development centre is part of the welfare activities of Caritas from Alba Iulia, and has been operating in Gheorgheni since 2010. Since September 2012, it has been operational in Remetea, too. Among the fundamental purposes are: early development of children under three years old, prevention of child neglect, reduction of isolation of families, and the formation of a parental model. The centre is opened first of all for very young children from socially-deprived families, for prematurely-born infants, for children having difficulty integrating into social life, and for children from single-parent families. There are 40 families in Remetea who visit the centre once a week and take part in group activities. Once a month, specialists give lectures on various subjects.   THE ACTIVITIES GROUP There is a group that organizes activities for children with disabilities. These activities are run with the assistance of the “Together For Our Future” Association [“Együtt a Jövőnkért Egyesület”] and the local government. In January 2012, the group started its activities with 8 children and young adults aged from 9 to 26. The activities start at 8 in the morning and go on until 2 p.m., and take place in the building of the school known as the “powdered milk factory school”.