THE VILLAGE FESTIVAL Every year, at the second weekend of July, there is the village festival, where local people and visitors from elsewhere can enjoy varied and interesting activities. Each time, there are science lectures, sports games, exhibitions and musical entertainment. Something is inaugurated during practically every festival. For instance, the traditional museum house and the millennium monument were unveiled in 2001; in 2005, the community house was inaugurated; in 2007, the community house was handed-over to its management; in 2009, the sports hall was opened – and those are just some of the notable occasions worthy of mention. Remetea’s village festival is not just a celebration, but it’s also an opportunity to preserve traditions: it gives the people of Remetea an occasion to practice the old art of logging, and to watch a re-enacting of the battle that took place here during the war of independence.   THE SWISS DAY IN CSUTAKFALVA The Swiss Day in Csutakfalva is celebrated each year at the beginning of August. The Avully Association envoys from Switzerland take part in the organisation of this event. Exhibitions and various cultural programmes make this festival an attractive outdoor celebration, and it invariably ends with a camp fire.